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Nordic Ware Industrial serves many Industries

We service the Commercial Food Processers, Commercial Bakeries and Commercial Food Process Equipment Manufactures, with coatings that provide excellent food release and easy clean properties for an extended period to maximize their longevity and productivity of those parts in service.

We contribute in the manufacturing of Medical materials by providing coated equipment and devices used in the manufacturing of medical supplies for our medical needs.

We assist in providing the continuous Softening of Water by coating the parts used to service residential and industry water sources for many years to follow.

We apply coatings that are inert to most chemicals, which makes them ideal to be applied to Chemical Storage and Handling needs. And these coatings also work well for Environmental Controls applications.

Industries Served

  • Commercial Food Processers

  • Commercial Bakeries

  • Commercial Food Process Equipment Manufactures

  • Medical

  • Softening of Water

  • Chemical Storage and Handling

  • Environmental Controls

  • Optics and Electronics

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Consumer Cookware and Bakeware

  • Many Other Industries

We provide our Optics and Electronics accounts with the consistency and quality of the selected coatings to their equipment, to provide excellent reliable coated parts for our customer’s needs.

The coatings we apply for the Aerospace and Defense industries assist in keeping the equipment in the air and working well continuously. Which provides us all with the convenience and comfort in the air and on the ground.

And benefiting from our own knowledge, we apply coatings to non-competitive Consumer Cookware and Bakeware items. Usually for companies that only coat a small portion of their product lines coated, and besides we do an excellent job for them.

And it doesn’t stop there, we provide a vast assortment of coating solutions to Many Other Industries not listed above. From coating new parts to reservicing existing parts and getting them back into service in a timely matter.