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Nordic Ware Industrial can handle your coatings need

Our processing equipment has the ability to handle parts that are in the 1-inch cubed size and up to a 72” X 96” X 48” size part with a maximum weight limitation of 300 Lbs. per part.

We have an automated Parts Washer that has a Deionized Water Counter Flow Rinse to provide the maximum cleaned surface to assist in providing a proper surface for the coatings to adhere to and provide a uniform coatings appearance.

We have a Walk-In Grit Blasting Room, automated and manual Grit Blasting Cabinets which uses 60, 80 and 120 Mesh Grit Blast Aluminum Oxide. And we also have a Grit Blasting Cabinet which uses a plastic Grit Blast Media to be used on delicate parts.

We spray apply a broad range of high performance coatings in both liquid and powder systems. The coatings are applied manually and by the Chain on Edge process.

factory capabilities

We have both Batch Ovens and Conveyorized Ovens to handle a broad range in the volume of your business with the thermal curing capability of the coatings up to 850°F/455°C.

We can handle all types of your packaging needs to protect and assist you with managing your coated parts once they are returned and complete all your order fulfillment requirements.

Substrates – Nordic Ware Industrial works with many materials.  

We coat many different parts, made primarily of metallic substrates, that can handle the curing temperatures of the coatings we apply up to 850°F/455°C. And we also handle some unusual proprietary substrates that are used in high tech, high performance applications.

As for one of the most common substrates – Aluminum, we service Diecast, Machined, Sheet and Aluminumized Steel parts.

The other common substrates to coat would be Steel of both the Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled types.

We also apply coatings to a fair amount of parts from lesser common substrates like Brass, Bronze, Carbon, Hastelloy, along with many of the grades of Stainless Steel.

If you have a substrate that is a bit more exotic than those listed above, call us and we will work with you to develop a process.

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